The Vlaams Paard in Rasun Anterselva (I)

ability contest

Last weekend I joined the “Stal Talpe Show Team” in Sud-Tirol.

Niederrassen is a small town very close to the Austrian border, about 30km from the Brenner-Pass. Every two years the local workhorse association organises a big event including ability tests for horse and teamster and a pulling contest. Stal Talpe was invited to bring variety to the event, demonstrating the possibilities of the Flemish Horse; recreation, dressage, working and…show! Seven Flemish Horses and 17 collaborators traveled more than 1100km to perform in North Italy.

horse pulling contest Vlaams Paard Quo Vadis with Stéphanie Beccarne

As usual it was an extroardinary performance; highly professional taking care of every detail including the horses well-being. I think no one present will forget the Flemish Horse easily!

For me it was not only a nice break, but also a weekend to meet new people interested in draft horses, to see how the tradition of draft horses is still alive in this part of the country and how beautiful and challenging an ability test can be. I honestly would love to participate one day, as an incentive to always remind myself how important it is to be in constant harmony with the horses I am working with.

Last but not least it was more than pleasant to see the team Talpe again. It is always wonderful to share experiences and to be able to learn from them!

Thank you all for a most beautiful weekend!