Keeping Fit

Ria exercise

Last December, Ria (Rio van’t Kaleihof) arrived on the Amiata Mountain. She is a beautiful, big and steady 6-year old mare carrying a foal. After her arrival, I gave her plenty of time to get used to the new environment. It needs little explanation the climate here is different from Belgium, but by consequence also the food is completely different. The hay, for example, is not as tender and green. Yes, Ria got used to this new taste quite fast and also her body adapted very well to the different nutritional value of this more straw-like hay. She met Puccini and Princess and tried to bond, following them downhill to eat grass together. Every day she dared to follow them a bit more, even though she was visually scared of the slope.

Since Ria her pregnancy is going towards its end, she stays on a smaller, flat paddock now. She is not very active there, so I take here out for a walk very few days!