Black as a deep empty hole.

Yesterday it rained, so all the – must-absolutely-do-before-the- season-changes stopted needing to be done, even when they weren’t finished.

We were tilling the vineyard. In a few more hours it would have been finished. It started  raining smoothly, quietly and I must admit it was very tempting to continue. It is not a time to get a cold though.

So we stopted.

And so did the motor of my thoughts.

After weeks of getting up tired, harvesting and going to bed even more tired, it seemed I got of the turning world to watch it going. I felt lost, so many different things still needed attention but I didn’t know where and how to start.

Black as the night.

The evening came so early and where did the fig tree left his beautiful leaves? These are funny moments, when you realise nature is changing, going on to the next stage of life. It feels like departing.

Today the wind is blowing strongly, announcing winter. Temperature dropped. The sky was limpid and the sunset colors were marvelous.

Daily routine forces you into some kind of movement and without knowing it, you’re on track again.

Other years around the beginning of December, I would travel with harp, oil and wine to exchange experiences and present that years products to new costumers and old friends.

This year I need to find different ways. Internet and social media are not my strongest point. I will try to learn from the old masters – I mean court composers ; be humble and try to express what you are looking for with the means given to you.

So fasten your seat belts and take care for all the information I’ll throw at you! 🙂