Why use draft horses?

Why use draft horses?

Azienda Amata use draft horses in the most appropriate way while working the land.  Before choosing which horse power we will use (natural or mechanised), we consider the advantages and disadvantages of each method and choose accordingly, in order to efficiently achieve our goal.

The advantages of using natural horse power:

• The soil is compacted less (less weight and vibration compared to using motorised implements)

• Less chance of destruction of the soil structure (which occurs while turning motorised implements)

• Natural horse power is a self-generated, renewable energy that doesn’t pollute

• With their droppings, the horses produce a most valuable by-product that helps improve soil quality

• Working with draft horses enriches our experience of farming beyond the usual experience of working the land

• The farmer walks literally with their feet on the ground, and thus has a lot of contact with the natural environment in which they work